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Conveniently located in the south of Shanghai,near Hangzhou Bay,the Howard Johnson Palm Beach Resort Shanghai (Haosheng Zonglvtan Jiudian) is a pleasant five-star seaside hotel.The hotel provides 123 spacious and well-appointed guestrooms.The hotel's facilities includes an administrative floor for quick check-in and check-out,buffet dining,two restaurants and lobby bar.[View Detail]        

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  • ma2020
    ? Want to see sea breathe flowers make an sea view 658 results see the environment is not so good
  • myls1985
    Go out the seafood stalls next to the location by the sea residential services swimming pools and rides extra charge to borrow a tile prices quite expensive 100 Yuan
  • carolpyf
    Older hotel, good location.
  • jingwu11
    A good environment, depend directly on the beach, next to
  • ruanjiaxin
    Much of the population, still accounting. rooms within a Super King bed and twin of the two 1.2, three generations are enough. just want to climb stairs, and far away from the hotel lobby, is somewhat inconvenient. but reasonable, from the blue sea and sands also 10 minutes
  • da xia
    Overall no good 2 years ago, but still give consistent high praise
  • cityangel
    A sea view, are good
  • lulumama
    Rooms old and booked several rooms, paying high prices, which gave a mini room, which is too.
  • gennarowfeng
    Very satisfied with service initially set the apartment without air conditioning maintenance is very keen to help me change the dignitaries, apartments a quiet environment suitable for a family holiday to live
  • flyingiceman
    Hotel entrance is to fool the entrance to the Terminal, convenient to the hotel
  • lily10086
    So so
  • miyaworld
    Poor poor poor, poor facilities, poor service! also you, I really do not know what this hotel can drive!
  • summerblue1983
    Around the House isn't worth the price, but also is good no competitors
  • e04895990
    First, hotel location good, is located in blue sands scenic within, away from Beach more near, but Seaview well, hehe, both no blue also no sands, whole a mess. Second, room within of facilities, are is old of, health also not satisfactory, I live of is a between Seaview big bed room, shower head are is bad of, barely make do with has, by Fortunately the some equipment also are complete. then hotel of service, feel little are not enthusiasm's, like is not after professional training had of.
  • gemengmeng
    On a sentence, to has regret. reasons following; first said hotel location's, hotel out does is away from with beach is near, but that which is Beach are is mud, that dirty Ah. say staying, zhiqian asked has at two o'clock in the afternoon staying, but two points to has hotel, on began has, didn't room. all room are in clean, said on a people clean, need time, and clean finished by hand to check, must room clean clean OK only will to to live guest, seems is is responsible for of said, called,. QianTaiwan both people, a in handle staying, also a in kept of received phone, landline phone, also has radio. good's, three points has, finally can handle staying has, also got has room card. original two room a Office of room not hotel in of, is next door community of, 5th, floor find has half didn't found, asked has near of hotel personnel, clearly on in near, to refers to has good far, with children around has a circle. really no language. to has room, aunt also in clean, sheets what are didn't for, Also in busy. fast to 4 points has, clean finished, a see that is clean what has? table Shang are is gray, that dirty Ah. how many days didn't wipe has? on such also dare said was check? good's, was wants to wash a early, a see shower didn't switch of wrench, immediately call to desk, desk is surprised, said know called people view. a hours passed, didn't people, then again call, said of, immediately. night at 7 o'clock has also didn't to, third times call, husband angry has, receivedWith immediately to has people. said workers immediately to, a will workers to has, is fix has. again fine said room's, this room is community, didn't elevator, two room a Office, room mosquito can open farms has, playing has down 50 only mosquito. room equipment old, also not clean, TV also is that old of small TV, also are is snow points. room no wireless, now Hotel didn't wireless I also really of is drunk has, I so said finished, husband said this also not Hotel Ah? on on, this notIs the hotel, is the residential area, I think. not good eating, what snacks outside a street that is, sell, tenderloin skewers, small crabs, of stinky tofu in this category. nothing to eat, this is the first time I went to, and the last ... disappointed ... ...
  • joycelit
    Hotel location very good, Statesman Suite, is the back of the apartment house, one of two families that. health facilities. don't talk, a room to live in a home, this value for money in this, opinion
  • jinyabin
    Door feel musty, the decoration of the hotel for a long time, the ageing of the facility, TVs are antiques, prices a bit more than more than 200 such facilities are reasonable. room carpet was dirty, bathroom toilet installation location was exotic. hotel decoration! value is too low
  • E04000296
    Located in Fengxian Bay, facing the sea, hotel, quiet and comfortable, suitable for family outings. great hotels.
  • longdong100
    Cheaper, better environment.
  • JiaYin
    Hotel General
  • AMANDA_111
    Weekend enjoyed
  • ensuper
    Really, nothing special, accommodations, service and carry baggage on the six floor, buffet breakfast is generally said of no five-star level, away from the blue sea and Golden Sands very far, in short, next time try another
  • xiaopixiu
    Old hotel, location, outside market was too noisy
  • muscleyw
    Hotel does have year, carpets emit a smell. Services on location. barbecue food stalls are a 1-minute walk to the beach.
  • e00023725
    Live a few years ago, many now backwards, reception staff attitude poor security guys full of energy, enthusiasm and smile, worthy of praise.
  • fancyfairy
    Good service, nice, short shuttle bus available, living room illumination, quality of breakfast was poor.
  • e01917567
    That's no problem
  • david816
    Nice hotel is a bit outdated facilities!
  • realist2000
    Look at the pictures and the actual stay really far apart. know early so that I can select hotels such as home.
  • ansaio
    Second stay at, very close to the playground, play space, price, if the next time I go to Fengxian, should be selected
    Look nice! staff were very polite, especially in front of the security is very good, parking luggage command!
  • bernie-li
    Nice, but take the road to the beach for a while
  • e00712236
    Too many people, hotel front desk a bit of a mess.
  • ft4115962
    In addition to the advantages of location, think of where such a high price, Samsung's conditions are not, no competition pressure? eh ... ... Speechless!
  • Alvs12
    Very disappointing experience a stay of 1. Night Hotel, reception staff attitude was very cold, very bad, we are obviously 2 people, but give us a bed, call the front desk, is a statement of your own position. 2, room, bed armoire is a musty smell, that night I started itching of the skin, never allergic person, from that day on the skin are uncomfortable. 3, our room because it is the last row, the formerArrangements make it several times, has trouble eating breakfast the next morning the front desk, the result is also reluctant to. When you check out at the front desk, a car without electricity, please ask, only one car can you pick it? maybe not so be it. Summary; your hotel the old does not matter, but you want your front desk staff better, you single it does not matter for breakfast, but I hope that clean basic hotel rooms. Hotel reviews hotel for the first time,Really should be this hotel again and again let me in just one day of disappointment.
  • meng316317
    Also, little people, breakfast is not really the services process needs to be improved
  • dadsdada
    A very poor quality of service, opened the guest room without knocking, were too expensive for breakfast is very poor, room has a strong odor, will not be staying at this hotel!
  • cyl1635
    Also 3 stars level, what do you want nothing. faucets, shower leaks.
  • WilsonMa
    Hotel environment is also facing the sea, opposite can drink wine fresh, not bad
  • lily1997
    In General General ... ... Won't go
  • creamicy
    So-called statesmen suite is old apartment, old TV or CRT equipment but also have a look at, focusing on physical enough to you with luggage from the lobby to walk 400 meters to get to your room, and then climb the 6 floor! Air conditioning musty grave, breakfast is not pitiful! don't even have a fried egg is really very bad hotel!
  • motoyacn
    Quilt damp musty, go out for two hours I couldn't get a taxi, hotels would have seen four tenants, hotel which is close
  • dy641
    Very good! missed breakfast.
  • mistermu
    Battery good, room is quite large, but older furnishings, TV, it is not clear yet to be updated.
  • jordanlee
    Location is good, but old facilities, breakfast, health in General, may be on the beach, a little damp feeling, Dim the lights across the entire property, make people uncomfortable
  • song20
    Location is quite good, but the room carpet was very dirty and looks very uncomfortable, feels very bad, there is a chunk of a large stain, rooms a little old, wallpaper falling off
  • janepwj
    Breakfast, room is OK, nice
  • N2035167121
    Overall OK
  • xianxian8658
    Bungalow style, great location, opposite the seafood stalls, close proximity to the beach. the hotel setting is obsolete, toilet rooms, lamps, telephone, air conditioning, more or less problematic, but the overall price still can.
  • e02360179
    Overall OK